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creating functionality with visual impact for businesses

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Ingrained Branding provides a unique balance of art and functionality to grow sustainable brands.

Ingrained, a full-service branding agency offers local and independent businesses branding and marketing solutions to increase revenue and provide long lasting branding growth.  We look at the long-term brand vision to keep our clients relevant not just today or tomorrow, but for many years to come.  We believe our work speaks for itself, take a look for yourself!

Jennifer makes it easier to do great work. She helps companies and teams increase

their efficiency by helping each individual be the best version of themselves. She has

spent the past 10 years studying how to promote, brand and creatively turn businesses

as well as individuals into something recognizably superior and competitive in the

modern world.  Her ability to mentor, teach and lead is presented in a friendly,

thoughtful way, with emphasis on casual conversation as lead-in to developing your

brand into something creative and lucrative.  She provides useful content, and has

a passion for making it easier for everyone to work smarter, not harder.  Her goal is to

work within your parameters and make the experience not only creative and fun but

affordable within a practical budget.

In an age where we are saturated with visual media, Jennifer's work stands out as creative, dynamic and clean.  Her ability to work across multiple formats is fresh and exciting.  Her enthusiasm for creative design is contagious, as she brings you along into the step-by-step branding process.

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