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My #1 Most Important Tip When Starting your Business

This tip might seem obvious and down right silly... but trust me when I say this is the most important tip that many businesses owners don't take seriously!


'Real' Email address, what does that mean? NAME@YOURBUSINESS.COM

The first step is to obtain your domain name. I always recommend GoDaddy.Com. GoDaddy is not only affordable but very easy to use. GoDaddy can be used by your web designer or yourself!

The second step is to find the right host for your email. You could easily use GoDaddy for this but I like to recommend Google.

Besides the fact that google is a search engine leader, they offer great services for businesses. Many of which are FREE!

- Start by going to

- From here, I recommend following the professionals from google, Click HERE to follow the step by step process

- Price per email per month is $5!

Once you have verified your domain and set up your login and password you are all set to start emailing.

And PS, don't forget to add a signature to your email account. Once logged in at go to the top right corner where you see a gear icon. Then click on settings and scroll down to signature.

As mentioned above, google apps offers many free services for business such as analytics, business registration, google drive and many more. We will get into that in another blog post.

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