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Meet: Janel Raihl a Las Vegas 3-D Sculpture Artist and Painter

When I first met Janel, I was instantly drawn to her... and now I know why. Her passion for life, color and culture is evident in her spirit and art.

It is very inspirational to learn about her involvement with Shade Tree, a Las Vegas women's shelter, Street Teens, and other domestic abuse shelters.

If you're in Las Vegas, head over to WestGate where you can view her artwork. You can find Janel on instagram or on Etsy - HERE.


Intro Music by: Roger Engle - The American Spaniard

Interview By: Jennifer Gonzalez

Ingrained Branding interviewing Janel Raihl

#JanelRaihl #LasVegasArt #3DSculpture #Artist #Painter

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